Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Short Story Month: Cheering from the Sidelines

May is Short Story Month, and you'd expect The Story Prize blog to be chock full of posts about short fiction. Oops. May is turning out to be a busy month with a lot of travel (to California, Argentina, Brazil, and possibly Fishtown). So you'll have to get your Short Story Month on elsewhere. Fortunately, there are several great places you can go.

  • The Godfather of Short Story Month, Dan Wickett, will be posting often on the Emerging Writers Network.
  • Matt Bell will be matching him post for post on a blog he's set up for the occasion.
  • Fiction Writers Review will play the Holy Ghost (if I may mix my metaphors) in this Short Story Month trinity. And I've promised to contribute a post.
  • And it looks like Callie Miller has joined the fray on her Counter Balance blog.
  • Monkey Bicycle has posted a list of other participants, as well.

Of course, this blog is entirely devoted to short fiction, and  71 authors of short story collections published in 2010 provided us with guest posts. We plan to continue this practice in 2011, and we'll be adding some other regular features to the blog in June. So stay tuned. Until then, happy Short Story Month. (And, remember, keep it short.)