Saturday, February 15, 2014

Up on My Soapbox for Publishers Weekly

I've written a Soapbox column for Publishers Weekly to share some of the perspective on short story collections I've gained from reading for The Story Prize for 10 years. It will appear on the back page of the next issue of PW. Here's the opening:

"At the end of every year of reading collections for The Story Prize, four copies each of approximately 100 books end up stacked in my small home office, a space already crammed with volumes from previous years. My wife has pointed out that I could create more room for myself by asking for only two books per entry and requesting additional copies of the three finalists when I needed to send them to the judges in January. However, I want to have books ready to send out the instant Julie Lindsay, the founder of The Story Prize, and I make our final choices. And I like to think that any collection that comes our way could make the cut."

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