Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is Short Story Month Ending on an Anticlimax?

Another Short Story Month is winding down, and I must confess I that I had hoped to do more to observe it here. There was, however, a lot of activity at the Emerging Writers Network and elsewhere on the Web. Thanks to all brought energy and enthusiasm to Short Story Month this year.

Storied, the social networking site I launched to bring together advocates of the short story is up to 32 members. But not much in the way of discussion has been taking place there, and it's beginning to look like it might be a failed experiment.

During May, this blog has mostly focused on posts about books entered for The Story Prize, and we'll continue to do so. Of course, our focus is on short stories year round. Maybe next year we can add a little more to the conversation in May. I still hope to one day see a Short Story Month that includes more events and readings beyond the blogosphere. As we Mets fans say, wait 'til next year.