Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Quest for Good Questions

So far we've featured five books entered for The Story Prize this year on this blog. And we could have as many as 80 more of these entries to go. Some authors might not choose to participate, in which case we'll write something about their books. Others will contribute short essays. But a good many posts will probably be in the question and answer format. So we've decided to add more questions to the mix and give those authors a choice of which they'd like to answer. And we'd like you to help.

Here are ten questions we've come up with so far:

  • Describe one of the stories in your collection.
  • What is your writing process like?
  • At what stage do you start seeking feedback on your work and from whom? (i.e. a friend? colleague? relative?)
  • What do you think a good short story collection should deliver?
  • What book made you want to become a writer?
  • What kind of research, if any, do you do?
  • If you dabble in any other non-literary forms of expression, what do you do and how does it inform your work?
  • Describe a technique you've learned from other narrative or non-narrative forms of expression.
  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of living at a remove from New York (i.e., the center of the publishing business)? (for those in the hinterlands)
  • Who is your favorite living author and why?

We'd welcome any good questions. If you'd like to suggest any, you can send them to If an author chooses to answer one of your questions, we'll send you a short story collection of your choice from 2009.