Monday, January 20, 2014

An Index of Posts from Authors of 2013 Story Collections

For the fourth straight year, in 2013 The Story Prize invited each author of a collection we received as an entry to contribute a guest post to our blog. Out of 94 authors, 62 chose to participate. We thank them for their thoughtful , interesting contributions. Since 2010, when we began doing this, TSP has featured 266 guest posts from 263 writers.

Popular posters: Walter and Danticat
According to Blogger's statistics, every author post received at least 100 page views, with most getting 300 or more and the most active page (Jess Walter's) so far drawing more than 1,200 hits. The posts with the second and third most hits this year were Edwidge Danticat's and George Saunders'. The links, in alphabetical order by the author's last name, are to each guest post.

Mary Akers Attends to the Details
Stevan Allred Populates a Town
Louise Aronson Answers "The Question"
Where David S. Atkinson Gets His Ideas
Ramona Ausubel and the Story About the Spool Farmer
Tom Barbash Zeroes in on a Quandary
Andrea Barrett's Science Fiction
Kevin Barry and the Deeply Esoteric

Elizabeth Cohen on What Her Stories Leave Out
Carolyn Cooke's Anti-House
Candace Coulombe's Flash Fabulism
Edwidge Danticat Gives the Reader a Story
Amber Dermont and the Incorrigible Student
Andre Dubus III Asks: What Would That Be Like?

B.C. Edwards and the Terrifying Malady
Jim Gavin: Some Notes on “The Partridge Festival” by Flannery O’Connor
Sarah Gerkensmeyer Learns to Tolerate Messes
Manuel Gonzales' Strange, Meandering Thought Process
Peter Grandbois Listens to Images
Allan Gurganus: A Few Words for the Novella

Cary Holladay's Reluctant Art Form
Jessica Hollander and the Naked Workout
Seth Johnson and the Anti-Story
Jessica Francis Kane vs. the Beautiful Chaos
Kristiana Kahakauwila Starts with an Image
Laura Kasischke: On Childish Things

Andrew Lam's American Beginning: Learning a New Language, Seeing a New Future
Rebecca Lee Gets an Offer She Can't Refuse
Norman Lock's Subconscious Needs
Kelly Luce Takes a Hatchet to Her Work
William Luvaas: How It All Starts
Donald Lystra and That Sense of Discovery
Courtney McDermott on Encountering Ideas Everywhere
Kate Milliken Builds a House

Chinelo Okparanta Paints the Truth
Peter Orner Walks Around with It
Sara Pritchard on Making Stories That Are Big on the Inside
Alex M. Pruteanu's Guerilla Writing Tactics
Jamie Quatro and the Anarchic Image
Victoria Redel's Secret Joke
Ethel Rohan Says: "Enough"
Ito Romo and the Lives of Others
Ethan Rutherford on Knowing When to Quit (and Not Quitting)
Jean Ryan and the Abandoned Story

George Saunders Talks Shop
Saïd Sayrafiezadeh and the Pressure of Having to Say Something
Katey Schultz on Writing What She Doesn't Know
Aurelie Sheehan Comes Out of Hiding
Ranbir Singh Sidhu Seeks to Broaden the Landscape
Joan Silber Makes Thematic Connections
Gregory Spatz Runs Hot and Cold
Susan Steinberg and the Story of the Twelve-Foot-High Chair
Ben Stroud Learns to Adapt

Susan Tepper on Making the Most of Insignificant Things
Johnny Townsend Asks "What If?"
Valerie Trueblood on the "When" of Stories
Laura van den Berg's Journey to "Antartica"
Anthony Varallo and "A Basket of Apples"
Shawn Vestal and the Artistic Takeover
Anthony Wallace and the Everyday Eternities
Jess Walter's "Process"
Guinotte Wise Gets Unstuck